Stuart Magazine - January 2017


What exactly is normal? I don't know about you, but I have some friends with strange professions. I know doctors, lawyers and general contractors and I am also quite friendly with servers, retail clerks and landscapers, but then there are the friends with "not-so-normal" jobs.

Image by Mikie Farias via

Image by Mikie Farias via

Take for example, Alex Meixner, who is a world-renown, touring polka accordionist. He infuses rock 'n' roll, heavy metal, new wave, world beat, jazz, soul and pop music into his polka interpretations. Imagine if Bill Haley got with the B-52's and hired Quincy Jones to product a Rick James tribute performance featuring Dizzy Gillespie at a Lawrence Welk Ozzy Fest in Zimbabwe. Sounds amazing, eh? You see, now you are starting to get to know my friend Alex Meixner. But don't worry; there is also a silly side to his polka troubadour.

Alex Meixner is a kind soul, a family man, a music teacher and a mentor to his friends, as well as a Grammy nominee and a world-class performer. Alex has laid down soundtracks for (and starred in) a commercial for none other than Hormel Chili, and he was featured on "The Tonight Show" in 2004. Alex Meixner lives in Stuart, recently relocating from Palm City.

I have a couple other friends worth mentioning in this context: Jodi Hirth, owner of TC Music in Stuart, teaches "music and movement" to children ages birth to 5 years old. Everybody should applaud Jodi.

When Pat Channing, aka "The Human Jukebox." isn't shredding the guitar with his band mates (Sierra Band), he performs at nursing homes and rehab centers where he lifts the spirits of our local senior citizens by encouraging sing-alongs and toe tapping.

As far as some of my other "normal friends" are concerned, I suppose I should get them together for a jam session. I would reach out to my ear-nose-throat doctor, Jimmy Autin, for keyboards if he doesn't have a gig with McCartney Mania. I could call John Cherveny with Home by JMC for lead vocals when he isn't rocking out with the Relapse Band or building custom homes up and down the Treasure Coast. And my buddy, Mike Flaugh, a landscape architect, can play anything (at least that's what he tells me). I guess I'm looking for a drummer, but everyone knows that drummers are anything but normal.

Hey! At least I know a good spot to debut the band (wink-wink).

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