Just take those old records off the shelf....

As the area grows, so does the need to entertain the folks. "We need places to party" is their mantra. "More venues, more music, more venues, more music" is their chant....

With more places that encourage people to boogie their cares away, comes more people who seek their inner boot scoot ballerina disco dancer! With all these people cavorting around, the need for housing and jobs intensifies. The process should result in a thriving community of closet choreographers and enigmatic maestros who obviously need a place to hang their sheepskins and hats. 

Our esteemed politicos, whether they are "pro" or "no" growthers, enjoy music and dance like the rest of us. They sing in the shower and tap their toes (like the rest of us). They reminisce (like the rest of us) about past good times when their favorite radio station would set the tone for their escapades and shenanigans and they know (like the rest of us) that our area needs to attract businesses, which ultimately leads to prosperity. I hope they are convinced (like the rest of us) that a prosperous community needs cultural outlets to spread it's wealth as well as homes for its members to live in when they are done with their celebrations.

Entertainment has been an essential element of humanity since the first tool became a drumstick. The first time Mr Magnon rhythmically pounded his flint on a tree stump you can be sure that his mate began to promenade through the forest. I'll bet the neighbors joined in and eventually they formed a band (almost certainly the prototype of "big hair bands") replete with scantily clad go go dancers. You know cave men jammed out whenever they could! 

I imagine that one of the elders started brokering deals and setting up venues where the band would perform. And as sure as this happened, I know that other paleos (from the surrounding caves) learned of the revelry and decided move closer to the action. 

I felt pretty primordial the other day when I bought a turntable. I brought it home and dug in to my nearly ancient trove of vinyl treasures. I dusted off a timeworn disc and carefully placed it on the revolving platter. 

I cranked up "Wild Thing" by the Troglodytes (in my man cave of course!) I think I pounded my chest a couple times and I certainly felt good (and I knew that I would)!!!

We all like to jam out! We all love music in whatever form suits us. We all need a "flint" or whatever tool our job requires..... and we all like to congregate amidst a sense of community. We all need a place to honker down. And..... we all like to  party!  

Maybe the next time you think "Rock and Roll" you'll think of our old buddy "Cro" wielding a pair of flint stones with a gleam in his eye! 


Cro and Mrs Magnon decided to go on tour.

They called a realtor to help them find some cozy lairs along their journey because they didn't have VBD's back then 

(Vacations By Dwellers). Eventually, with the help of a realtor, they settled (in what is now New Mexico) in a territory that was called Area 52. They got a glorious "conden" in a neighborhood known as Carlsbad Caverns that was owned by the realty firm "Homo Sapiens" The reason that they chose that particular stomping ground in the first place, was because of the "out of this world" entertainment that the neighboring community (Area 51) was known for!!!

You know I just can't help reminiscing about the days of old!

Ron Hart