Stuart Magazine - February 2017


The last time I was in Okeechobee, I had been lucky enough to “ride the bull” and fake my way through a Texas two-step dance while enjoying live music at the legendary 8 Seconds Night Club that has since closed, leaving a void in the Okeechobee music scene.

But fear not music lovers of all persuasions! A few years ago, almost no one could have believed that Okeechobee would become the focal point of a major national music festival. However now, the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival will set up camp for its second annual four-day party from March 2 to 5, and it will boast major national acts covering multiple genres of music.

OK, maybe you haven’t been to A music festival lately. Maybe you don’t like gargantuan crowds. Are you feeling “too old” to be a festivarian? Consider this: certainly we all know local ’90s kids and millennials who are starving for places to let their nouveaux freak flags fly! After all, art and
music affords all of us, regardless of age, an opportunity to express our primordial spirit. When I took a peek at this year’s Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival lineup, I only recognized a few names. But any time tens of thousands of people gather in one spot to celebrate culture, it is bound to a beautiful thing. Pass the word on:

So maybe, no matter how l spin this music festival thing, I am not going to convince you to unfurl your flag. But you might be wondering what else is going on in these parts, and you probably expect that I have a couple alternatives up my sleeve. Well, I do. And of course they are music related! Besides the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, here is a short list of great local shows that you should plan on enjoying in February and early March:

Gaelic Storm and Clint Black - Lyric Theatre
Art Garnfunket and Gordon Lightfoot - Sunrise Theatre
Donna and the Buffalo and Cas Haley - Terra Fermata
John Anderson - Summer Crush Winery

Rock on people,
it's time to show your colors!

Ron Hart