Stuart Magazine - March 2017


Do you ever feel like all you do is run around? You run here, you run there, you have to run to a meeting but perhaps you're running late and you hope that some smart aleck doesn't run their mouth or give you the  run around. Sheesh! Life sure is fast-paced these days, but I know a great way to take a break from the rat race.

Meet me on March 5 at Memorial Park in downtown Stuart, and let's run the fourth annual Marathon of the Treasure Coast!


Before we put on our running shoes, there will be all kinds of pre-race activities leading up to the big day. Don't miss the second annual Rock & Run Music festival hosted by Terra Fermata. Three national headliners on three consecutive nights! The music starts on Friday night with Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. Saturday night features Cas Haley and Sunday morning (race day) features Soul Patrol playing danceable tunes at the finish line in Memorial Park. Later that evening, (back at Terra Fermata) The Expanders take the stage followed by one of this area's favorite local bands, Moska Project. Throw in a runner's "sign in" expo at the Marriott on Hutchinson Island on Saturday morning and "Pasta Party" on Saturday night (before the Cas Haley show) and you will certainly need to catch your breath on Monday!

Ah yes! Running is great for your health and "rocking" your cares away isn't too bad for you, either. As for the epic race, it's certainly good for Martin County's health!

This year, the organizers are expecting more than 1,800 entrants from all across the world as the Marathon of the Treasure Coast has taken great strides in recent years to become a Boston Marathon qualifier.

Please don't forget all the other great venues along the Treasure Coast. One thing is certain: this area is a hotbed of local talent. Many great soloists perform at cool places like the Sneaki Tiki, The Deck, Fresh Catch and Gettin' Crabby, just to name a few. And for great local bands, check out amazing venues like Sailor's Return, Crawdaddy's, The Twisted Tuna and Charlie's Neighborhood Bar and Grill.

Seriously folks, there is a lot to do around these parts. Shake a leg, get a move on and make some tracks to any one of these great venues and support our awesome local music scene!

I have to run now...

See you at the starting line!