Danyella Lustosa

I "landed” into this world in a tiny and isolated village in northern Brazil.  I like to say that I grew up as a native Indian, being completely surrounded by nature and learning from it as my closest friend and teacher.  Fortunately, and completely unexpected yoga came into my life at a very young age, right there, at that little Brazilian “lost” village.

Today, as a certified yoga teacher (230 training hours at The Asheville Yoga Center), I am filled with the purest contentment as I am able to share my passion and joy for yoga with others. I have been blessed with incredibly beautiful people crossing my learning path.  They are many!  Among them is Angela Farmer who I joined in Greece for her Summer training of 2016.  Angela’s approach invites inner dialogue with the body and brings feelings, movements, freedom and intuition to the yoga practice. 

As a yoga teacher, I enjoy sharing my vinyasa practice, mostly because it feels to me like a joyful dance at the sound and guidance of one’s own breath. In my classes I try to create an honest atmosphere, welcoming and inviting to all.  As with my personality, my classes offer a fun, spiritual and laid back experience.  I see my classes as a breath centered, mindful, joyful and uplifting travel into our bodies and minds. 

After class, my wish is that everyone will feel as I do:  Light, happy, connected, peaceful, relaxed, playful and DELICIOUS! Off the mat, I spend my time with friends, laughing out loud, traveling, running, stand up paddling, dancing, and doing my best at not taking anything too serious. 


Danyella Lustosa

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